The hobby horse was previously a familiar toy in children's games, but since the beginning of 2000 it has become a popular among children and young people. There were an estimated 10,000 hobby enthusiasts in Finland in 2017, and the number has grown year by year, also worldwide.


Hobby horses can be made of fabric or old sock yourself or bought. In addition to the hobby horse, an essential part of the hobby is the hobby horse equipment, such as realistic bridles. Guldhoven hobby horses are made to look as realistic as possible in their coloring and essence. 




In addition to caring for a hobby horse, the hobby includes show jumping on the field and in the terrain, as well as dressage. Enthusiasts also hold coaching, races and classes.


The Finnish Championships are also held once a year somewhere in Finland. The first Finnish Championships were in Oulu in 2012. In addition to this, other competitions are held around the country. Competitions usually have obstacle classes, school classes, and terrain obstacle classes. The competition may also include an exhibition.