Guldhoven Hobby Horses

Welcome to our hobby horse webshop!

Our charming hobby horses and ponies are carefully handmade in Finland.

We hope you enjoy our shop and find the perfect hobby horse for you!


Asiakaspalaute 12/2020:

Kiitoksia keppihevosesta. Tuote on aivan mahtava. 


Asiakaspalaute 8/2020:

"Iso kiitos keppariponista!

On todella hieno ja hyvin tehty. Oli kovasti odotettu ja täytti odotukset moninkerroin. Tytär on täysin ihastunut."


Asiakaspalaute 5/2021:

"Tytär kiittää ihan mahdottomasti uudesta kepparista, joka on hienoin ikinä. "

Otan vastaan tilauksia mahdollisuuksien mukaan, joten ole yhteydessä, mikäli haluamasi keppihevonen tai -poni ei juuri nyt löydy valmiina varastosta (kht.guldhoven@gmail.com)


The Best friend for a hobbyhorse enthusiast!

Our Hobby Horses are carefully crafted from short-haired faux fur or velboa fabric. The Hobby Horses have a beautiful brush and eyes and nostrils sewn on from faux leather. 


The bridles are made according to genuine bridles and are equipped with genuine looking metallic bits.


The hobbyhorse is about the size of an A3 sized paper sheet in size and weigh about 600g including the stick.



A lightweight small hobby horse pony for the smaller rider or to you who want to conqueror hurdles!

The smaller Hobby Horse Ponies are light to ride and adorable to care for. The ponies are made of faux fur or velboa fabric and have a beautiful brush. All Hobby Horses have faux leather bridles with bits.


The pony is the size of an A4 sheet of paper and weigh appr. 300g including the stick.